Next live appearance: 15.11.14  - Almighty Crust Fest. Valve Bar, Sydney, Australia.

We are pleased to announce that we will be playing The crust Almighty - Almighty crust Fest on 15th November 2014.


Come down early as we hit the stage first on the night.


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“A nice slice of suicidal industrialism if such a thing exists; well it does now!” - avenoctum


‘Tolerance & Dependency’ is a dark, heavy and challenging album”. - intravenous mag

RELEASE #5. - Date TBC


Concrete Lung - Tolerance & Dependency


Track Listing:


Engine Vein

Die Dreaming Pt.II

Chemical Muzzle

Self-Shriek (Self Murder)

Plastic Mind

Closed Mouth


Coming Soon





New EP Artwork, title and tracklisting announced

Live, 30th August 2014. Photos by Shahane Bekarian.