We have just released our first Noxious Industry podcast. The first epesode features a vinyl only mix of tracks that we love and have influenced our music over the years. Future episodes will cover gigs, releases from other bands, interviews, mixtapes, remix wars, band sessions and everything elese to do with what is going on right now in industrial, punk underground worldwide. Tune in here or click on our podcasts like above.

13.05.15  - Noxious Industry: Concrete Lung's podcast.


“A nice slice of suicidal industrialism if such a thing exists; well it does now!” - avenoctum


‘Tolerance & Dependency’ is a dark, heavy and challenging album”. - intravenous mag

We are pleased to announce that we have finally got our arses in gear and launched our new website. Its going to start off small but we'll be adding more and more content to it as we go. We have over 6 years of gig archives and videos etc that we want to share, plus news on all the new stuff we are doing. Currently you can listen to our Music or watch Videos on our youtube channel, or contact us if you want to book us for a gig or just to say you dig what we are doing.


Facebook has been a nessasary evil for some time for bands like us but over the past few years it is becoming more of a non trusted option for bands which is why we want to take control of our own space and what goes on it. We will still have facebook, but you'll always get the latest news here.



Concrete Lung 2015





16.02.15  - Welcome To Our New Website.

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15.02.15  - Waste Of Flesh - 5 Years On...

It's already 5 years ago since we released our first EP 'Waste of Flesh'. You can now download it for FREE for a limited time (or buy physical copy for just $1). Don't forget to check out our new EP too, 'Tolerance & Dependency'.

14.02.15  - Concrete Lung on AllTurnNative, Midlands Metalheads Radio.

Concrete Lung are featured on the AllturnNative podcast, we are the last song played so I strongly suggest that you listen to it all the way through! Listen to it here